The J2 Group and Syus Announce Partnership

Support for Perioperative Performance Improvement

Nashville, TN and St. Petersburg, FL, April 17, 2017 – Syus and The J2 Group, Inc (J2) today announced their partnership to provide a joint analytics and consulting offering to support perioperative performance improvement efforts. The new partnership will combine Syus’ powerful, user-friendly perioperative analytics tools, with J2’s unique, operational and informatics consulting services to provide hospital and health system executives with the complete solution they need to identify, implement and sustain improvements in perioperative clinical and business outcomes.

The new relationship utilizing J2’s and Syus’ targeted products and services for optimizing perioperative performance means hospitals and health systems can sustain ongoing improvement. J2 does as much teaching and culture development with their clients as they do system development to ensure the link between clinical care and support processes with information systems. Syus customers, benefiting from their analytics in decision making, may seamlessly tap The J2 Group for optimizing clinical and business processes and standardizing operational data and systems. Syus and J2 share a set of common values, starting with a customer-centric, hands-on, detail-oriented process necessary in a high-stakes environment impacted by so much change.

“When we met Syus’ team and saw Syus’ tools, we knew they were a quality company and product that connect with the perioperative environment. In addition to Syus being the exclusive analytics partner for AORN, we also find they are approachable as a team, their tools are affordable and offer OR directors the readily accessible information they need to run their OR,” said Jeanne Lattanzio, President. “We are excited by the opportunity to utilize Syus’ tools within our own process to extend the client’s capabilities for sustaining improvement. We share a deep commitment in empowering front-line perioperative managers to improve performance by giving them the tools to do so.”

The J2 Group, Inc. was started over 20 years ago by Jeanne Parkes, BS, MA and Jeanne Lattanzio, RN. As leaders within perioperative services, they recognized the emerging focus on optimizing the integration of clinical information systems as an extension of quality cost-effective patient care.

“J2’s extensive experience in perioperative services and their dedication to bridging the gap between clinical practice and informatics make them a perfect fit as partners,” said Syus CEO, Kevin O’Hara. “J2 has a range of operational management services as well as targeted solutions for standardizing data. J2 understands the clinical and financial impacts downstream that are essential to all areas of operational performance we measure. Their work enables OR directors to achieve excellence with fewer headaches and fire drills, which is a key objective at Syus.”

About The J2 Group

As a perioperative consulting company, J2 is committed to the transformation of operational management using quality analytics and integration with clinical informatics. Along with a range of services, J2 features a fully inclusive industry-coded master procedure list and other standardized data. We recognize the changing healthcare reimbursement environment focused on the measurement of both quality and cost with even greater emphasis on patient safety and transparent reportable data. Hospitals and health systems – including Northwestern Memorial Hospital, University of Maryland, Beacon Health Systems and Lenoir Memorial Hospital – engage J2 to bridge the gap between clinical practice and informatics. Learn more at

About Syus

The mission at Syus is simple: Deliver powerful, easy-to-use, data-powered tools to improve the performance of perioperative services. While hospitals now have vast amounts of data about all their surgical encounters, they often lack the tools to turn this data into actionable, easy-to-understand information. Syus is emerging as the industry standard in OR analytics, working with Catholic Health Initiatives, Universal Health Services, Inova, Health First, UCSD Health System, select HCA, Ascension and Community Health Systems hospitals and many others. More information at