About Us

We work with you so that change works for you

The J2 team recognizes the “human element” associated with processes and systems.

All J2 team members have extensive experience in Perioperative Services as clinicians, leaders, project managers, informaticists, supply chain and revenue managers. This experience enables our team to connect with your team on a level that is uncommon in the consulting industry. The entire J2 team is dedicated to bridging the gap between clinical practice and informatics.

Our approach offers a realistic transition for your staff and allows perioperative leadership to adapt to the demands of today’s healthcare environment. Our goal is to lessen the challenge during all phases of a project by mentoring our clients wherever they are on the “learning curve” of this changing environment.

Our team seeks to complement your expertise while integrating leading practices, current regulatory standards & knowledge of informatics in response to major healthcare trends. We strongly believe in standards but we also look to discover what is unique about our clients.

The J2 Group, Inc. was started in 1995 by Jeanne Parkes, BS, MA and Jeanne Lattanzio, RN. As leaders within Perioperative Services, we recognized the emerging focus on optimizing the integration of clinical information systems as an extension of patient care. This focus and belief have grown stronger with every new client and every new demand made of the surgical services environment.

J2 corporate values are reflected in the commitment of all J2 colleagues who share their collective specialized knowledge with each other and our clients.

J2 Values

Quality should be the outcome of patient care systems & result from attention to process as well as individuals

Live an examined life subjecting motives and actions to the scrutiny of mind and heart; be principled and fair in business practices with colleagues and clients and assure results based on value, worth and commitment

Be responsive to client needs and remain flexible in the face of their changing priorities; practice effective listening; be supportive of colleagues

Affirm the knowledge, skill, dignity and humanity of clients, co-workers, and persons with whom we interact; maintain an organizational culture that respects quality of life concerns

Innovation & creativity should be the hallmark of our efforts to design or enhance our services

Remain knowledgeable of current systems, trends, and environmental factors through continuous learning or acquisition of staff to complement our knowledge base; recognize that learning is dynamic not stagnant

Maintain an organizational style that brings vitality and energy to our product and efforts; remain open to new ideas and foster a work environment for risk-taking; affirm healthy living

Respect differences and appreciate that sameness is not only uninteresting but limiting

Do you want to make a difference?

Integrity and education are the foundation of what J2 delivers in our varied consulting engagements.

If you want to make a difference within Perioperative & Anesthesia Services including the support services areas of Supply Chain, SPD, and Revenue Cycle, we may have an opportunity for you.

Submit your resume and references to: Resume@j2grp.com.

If you wish to make an inquiry for further discussion, please Contact Us.


  • want to grow personally and professionally
  • take pride in your work
  • are skilled at coaching and mentoring
  • enjoy collaboration and problem-solving
  • value quality
  • demonstrate critical thinking skills
  • remain updated and knowledgeable within your area of skill

Then… YOU are a professional with the heart of a consultant.