Our services are industry-driven while respecting your specific needs.

J2 recognizes the changing healthcare reimbursement environment focused on the measurement of both quality and cost with even greater emphasis on patient safety and transparent reportable data. J2 assists you with identifying and actualizing the link between patient-safety and optimized clinical practice workflows. We become an extension of your team with our “roll up your sleeves” approach. Whether you need assistance with a project big or small, the J2 Group can help.

Our services include assessing the status of the operational & business practices within perioperative services, recommendations for optimizing critical clinical & support workflow including Supply Chain management and measurement of success. A differentiator of J2 is our ability to assist our clients in assessing and incorporating perioperative clinical informatics into routine departmental operational management that reflects corporate strategic decisions.

The services provided by the J2 Group can be tailored to meet your needs. We can be brought in for one specific need or manage the entire process for you. If you aren’t sure where your needs fall within our list of services, give us a call and we can help customize a solution for you.

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