Informatics Standardization

A key stumbling block to effective operational results is a lack of standardized processes and data. In order to get the most from your Perioperative Information System investment, the J2 Informatics Standardization Model will assess the quality & level of standardization of your critical master system data and clinical documentation.

The J2 analysis includes information system integration points across multiple departmental applications. Health systems can no longer afford to have the same data in multiple applications in a non-standardized way nor the inability to integrate or interface this same data across departments.

Standardization is needed to meet current and emerging analytical requirements for transparency of clinical quality, costs, regulatory compliance and patient satisfaction.

Service Deliverables

  • Evaluation of current perioperative informatics standardization (especially areas of system integration with other applications):
    • Master Procedure File ( J2 Product – see more information below )
    • Preference Cards
    • Charge Levels
    • Perioperative Item Master
    • Clinical documentation
  • Recommended changes to enhance data & content standardization
  • Implementation of recommended system standards

J2 Surgical Procedure List

J2 has developed an all inclusive “Standardized Master Surgical Procedure File (MPF)” based on industry standard coding common language. J2 can provide updates to the client annually to support the life of your information system or a conversion to a new information system. J2 has mapped the information to clinical descriptions that reflect usable surgical terminology. The procedure descriptions meet the end-user needs of perioperative information systems, financial pre-clearance at time of scheduling, and operational management within Perioperative Services.

J2 Procedure List Deliverables

  • Standardized MPF file with corresponding methodology reference information
  • Additional J2 consulting hours to orient the client about the MPF, methodology, and criteria for on-going maintenance
  • Additional J2 consulting hours to manage a conversion of your current master procedure file to this standardized version
  • Perform updates to client MPF annually