Preference Card Cost & Standardization Audit

A major stumbling block in making the transition from volume to value-based reimbursement is the ability to perform on-going Preference Card audits as the source for cost, product standardization, physician-to-physician comparison, effective case supply preparation and patient care planning. The ability to perform discrete analysis and comparisons is dependent on the thoroughness and quality of the master procedure file to support effective scheduling and clinical documentation to support performance of the surgical case.

Effective surgical supply chain management is dependent on the accuracy of the preference card as the source of items needed for case readiness and documentation of items used. Inaccuracy contributes to high levels of inventory returns. J2 works with perioperative teams to ensure that all cards are fully developed with standardized format, comprehensive content, and up-to-date cost in support of on-going analysis, daily operational managment and safe patient care.

Service Deliverables

  • Evaluation of current preference cards for:
    • Standardized format
    • Standardized content to support quality patient care plan
    • Standardized content based on discrete master procedure file
    • Ability to perform physician-to-physician comparisons by procedure
    • Ability to support cost effective real-time supply chain processes
  • Recommended changes to enhance data & content standardization
  • Implementation of recommended system standards